Education is the passport to the future we believes in Youth

Career pathway and Higher education planning

Assistance in educational loan and travel insurance

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Education is the passport to the future

26Euro believes in Youth, the future lies in the hands of young men and women. Higher education and sophisticated learning experiences empowers them to succeed in life. We are providing admissions to 100s of young minds in Top rated universities and colleges in Europe.

  • Availbale for All Courses
  • PR Success Rate 90%
  • 98% Visa Succes Rate
  • Education GAP and Low academic grades are also accepted
  • Scholarships

Our Services

Career Counseling

We will guide you through the process to find solutions best suited to your profile and your chosen Career path.

Course Selection

If you belong to this group of students that find it difficult selecting a course, 26euro is here for you

Country Selection

Since many countries have hundreds of excellent Colleges and Universities, students always get stuck when choosing the right country.

Educational Loan Assistance

We guide our clients to choose the most viable educational loan according to their financial status and requirement.

Statement of purpose Guidance

It’s an essay usually about 1000 words that seeks to understand the life of a candidate, the motivations for the chosen career path and his/her goals.

Admission Formalities

We pay proper attention to every detail about your application to make sure that you have no problem.

Study Abroad Countries


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The group 26 EURO aims at creating fresh global experiences for anyone who wishes to learn or earn abroad.

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